Blue Marlin

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Blue Marlin

This year’s 112-day fishing season has come to a close, with whopping numbers from fishermen coming out of the Casa de Campo Marina.

Blue Marlin

Before we begin, I’d like to help clear up the headline for those of our readers, who, like me, aren’t well versed in the world of fishing, or that of “blue marlin releases” See, when it comes to blue marlins, the practice isn’t referred to as fishing, but as releasing. Why? Because it’s become common fishing practice to reel in the endangered blue marlin, measure it’s size (and in some cases, its weight) before releasing it back into the ocean so as to let it live, instead of fishing and catching it normally.

So, this particular fishing season, the Marina Casa de Campo welcomed some familiar faces, such as the Betsy and the Shark Byte, as well as several new friends; Hey Girl, the Whoo Dat, and Special Situation, descending upon the Marina Casa de Campo in search of excellent blue marlin fishing this area is known for.

Aside from the whopping total of 855 blue marlin releases, 49 of the more elusive white marlin were also released, along with other species of fish, such as tuna, mahi-mahi’s, and wahoo’s.

In addition an enormous 376 pound swordfish was also landed by the crew of Contango.

The 2015 fishing season, for those of you who are already sad for the end of 2014’s, will be open from February to June, with Casa de Campo’s Blue Marlin Classic taking place from March 17-22, the sophomore effort for the 1st annual tournament held earlier this year.

And with numbers like those, there can be no doubt that the shinning star of Dominican fishing will continue to rise! We look forward to welcoming even more international fisherman to the Marina Casa de Campo next year!

Pictures courtesy of Richard Gibson.