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“The 7 Stops” with Victor Victor & Pavel Nuñez at the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

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Since their first tour in universities, in 2004, Pavel Núñez and Victor Victor have performed together at concerts. With the “The 7 Stops” the artists have stopped “their tour bus” in the various cities where they have been very supported throughout their careers, 7 in total in this opportunity. They wanted to include other cities but it was not possible due to the commitments of dates that both have in addition to the endless hours of study time.

The 7 stops is when both perform in front of the public, with their groups, to sing their timeless hits. But it is also a dialogue of songs that reminds the public of the good times that those songs helped to create in their lives, and the happiness they felt.

All the songs that will be performed have contributed to their successes and they also add a couple of songs of universal remembrance. The 7 stops, is just the beginning of a long journey of performances that Pavel and Victor are planning for the upcoming years.

Inevitable songs like Te Di, Paso a Paso, by Pavel Núñez and La Mesita de Noche and Solo Bachata by Victor Victor, will be part of the repertoire, some sung to duo, others exchanging choruses, on a night that will all attendees will remember for a long time. The 7 stops are will take place in La Romana, at the Santa Rosa Cultural Village, this Saturday October 20th, starting at 8:30 at night.

Information courtesy of La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa, photo of the Pavel Nuñez facebook page

When: October 20, 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Cutural Village Santa Rosa de Lima

The Santa Rosa de Lima Cultural Village is on the right immediately as if you crossed the bridge over Río Salao entering La Romana. It is a white construction that resembles a bit of a fortress (with a name – La Fortaleza). It has to be on the side of the road that leads from La Romana to Casa de Campo, before crossing the bridge, turn right and cross the railway.

Contribution: RD $ 800.00

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