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5 Reasons why you should visit the Casa de Campo Golf Learning Center

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As many of you know and have seen, Casa de Campo has made a major investment in the Golf Learning Center. This State-of-the-Art facility has captured the eyes of many golf writers and has recently been the new talk all around town. Inside the Learning Center we are equipped with the best launch monitor in golf, the TrackMan. This machine tracks everything you need to know about your ball flight and also has a video feature where you can take a look at your swing with the 4 built-in cameras. Below are just a few of the many reasons why you should come and take a lesson at the Learning Center.

  • The name says it all – Learning Center – This is an environment that was created to make people more knowledgeable, not only about golf but about their individual overall game. The incredible technology of TrackMan, Video Review, and BodyTrak encourages people to learn and get better and most importantly, enjoy this wonderful game of golf even more.
  • Knowing your Distances – Some people are confused with how far they actually hit the ball. Unfortunately, some people think they hit the ball so much longer and are shocked by how short they actually hit the ball. But some are also pleased with the extra distance they actually have. Many people come to me and ask how can I hit it longer…keep reading and I’ll reveal a great secret.
  • FUN – We offer monthly contests like closest to the hole, long drive, combine test and much more. These activities are designed to not only to learn something but to have fun while getting educated at the same time. The combine test is for advanced golfers who are looking to improve and test themselves. Not only are these contests fun, there are also some cool prizes!

  • Taking Shelter – As you all know we have beautiful weather 98% of the time here in Casa de Campo. We are truly blessed, but there are times where we get some unfortunate Caribbean weather and it puts a damper on our lessons and rounds. Now with the indoor Learning Center we can play golf and learn on the TrackMan Simulator. We can also take shelter from the strong UV Rays from the sun (emoji wink).
  • Get a Professional Opinion about your gear – Many people come to me and ask “How can I hit the ball 20 yards longer?”. For the most part, if you still use the same clubs you used 20 years ago, getting the opinion from the Learning Center Professionals will not hurt. After the lesson, they can give you some honest advice about whether an equipment upgrade can realistically improve your game. Plus, we offer Titleist club fittings, club repair, and much much more!

For any information regarding the Learning Center and Lessons please contact Eric Lillibridge at [email protected] or [email protected]

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