Sugar Golf Tournament 2017

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On Wednesday the 29th of March, the grand opening to the 32nd annual Sugar Golf Tournament took place at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club. The fantastic seaside event hosted by Alfy Fanjul presented yachts by Benetti Yachts with IB Nautica Group. The Sugar Golf Tournament, originally just another golf tournament, was won in 1990 by Alfy Fanjul, who subsequently donated his winnings to his sister, Lian Fanjul de Azqueta to use as seed money to found Casa de Paz. Since then, the tournament now known as the Sugar Open incorporates a golf and a shooting tournament; golf headed by Alfy Fanjul and shooting by his brother, Pepe, with proceeds benefiting the charity their sister founded in 1990, the Fundación MIR.

After arriving early in the day for practice rounds on the golf courses, many players and their spouses enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Marina Yacht Club terrace getting to know their competitors a bit better and seeing long-time friends. Over 100 players participated in the Sugar Golf Tournament this year and were welcomed by Alfy Fanjul who also encouraged anyone interested in the spectacular yachts on display to contact Mauro Caslini, president and CEO of IBI Nautica or Tommaso Bilotta, the Azimut-Benetti vice-president for the USA.

The yachts served as a beautiful backdrop to the party setting, fulfilling another great start to the Casa de Campo Sugar golf tournament. This 32nd edition continued with practice rounds on Thursday and tournament rounds on Friday and Saturday. Ladies teed off around the Dye Fore (Lakes/ Marina) as well as the Links, while gentlemen golfers played on the Teeth of the Dog and the La Romana Country Club. Guests also enjoyed a weekend of shopping at the MIR Sugar Bazaar in the La Romana Country Club clubhouse and many social events. A prize-giving ceremony and dinner party at the La Romana Country Club brought the tournament to a close on Saturday evening. Stay tuned for all the photos!

The following gallery was taken by Mairobi Herrera at the Welcome Cocktail hosted by Benetti Yachts at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club in the Marina on Wednesday the March, 29th:

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For Benetti, building yachts means carrying on the tradition of innovation, style and quality that has shaped the company’s approach and culture.

It means continuing to diversify production in order to satisfy the increasingly complex needs expressed by Owners throughout the world.

Benetti has a time-honoured tradition in yacht building. After abandoning wood and being the first to realise the potential of composite materials for the production of super yachts, as early as the 1960s it made the transition from metal boats to the steel and aluminium used today.

Today Benetti utilizes these materials, alone or combined, to design and build full-custom displacement and semi-displacement motoryachts in a broad variety of lengths from 93 feet to 90+ meters. These truly tailor made vessels embody the Owner’s idea of what a yacht should be, while retaining the Benetti family-feeling that is a natural expression of the finest Italian style and timeless elegance.

This production capacity, united with world class quality, fanatical attention to detail and a perfect end result, have made Benetti a world leader and an Italian luxury yacht icon.


It is the most complete group in the Caribbean and Central America that offers nautical assistance for more than 10 years, being provided with the skills of its founder Mauro Caslini, of Italian nationality, who has great experience in the nautical world.

After several years of working on the market of yachts of the Caribbean and after having analyzed it deeply he made of his group a complete bundle that included post sale services and sale of parts. For such reason, founded IBC Shipyard, the only naval shipyard for luxurious yachts in Dominican Republic and the Caribbean which to the moment is provided with the approval and certification of American and European naval shipyards like: Azimut, Benetti, Atlantis, Bluegame, Ferretti, Bertram, Hatteras, and the technical support of the manufacturing of marine engines like Caterpillar, MAN, Volvo, Yamaha, Lopolights, OceanLed, Seahawk, Seakeeper and others.

IB Nautica Group thanks to its experience, training, and the big investment that has done throughout  years has maintain the title of the best offer and the number one in the market of the yachting in the Caribbean. The group is a family enterprise, since not only Mauro Caslini is the head of the company, but he develops, grows and innovates, thanks to the fact that his children and brother support him and continue his steps, what makes of the group, a solid company with values. Fact that demonstrates once again the big vision to the future.