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2nd Lionfish Tournament in Bayahibe – Oct. 20th

Lionfish hunting

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Lionfish huntingOn Sunday the 20th of October, the “Fundación Dominicana de Estudios Marinos” (Dominican Foundation for Marine Research), otherwise known as Fundemar, in conjunction with the La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster and the La Romana – Bayahibe Hotels Association, will celebrate the 2nd annual Lionfish Tournament, with the aim of organising a massive Lionfish capture, as well as promoting its consumption and awareness of the danger it represents to our reefs.

lionfishLionfish are an invasive species, which is very harmful to the local marine life – not only do they devour other fish, but their presence also upsets the delicate marine ecosystem which causes damage to the reefs- which is why many foundations are striving to minimize and even eradicate their presence from our coasts.

Fortunately, they make a delicious meal and are pretty easy to capture with a spear… so Fundemar, as part of their Lionfish eradication campaign, cordially invites everyone to take part in the 2nd annual Lionfish Tournament, which not only promises to be a fun time to spend with the family, but also a terrific way of supporting this wonderful cause of taking care of our beautiful Caribbean marine life.

Teams fishing the most amount of Lionfish, will be awarded with great prizes, as well as special prizes for those who fish the smallest and biggest Lionfish – AND to celebrate the many victories, a Lionfish tasting will be offered not only for those taking part in the tournament, but also in the many restaurants located in the Bayahibe area.

The first annual Lionfish tournament took place last year on Sunday the 2nd of November, during which 452 Lionfish were caught! Let’s make this year’s event even more successful!

A Lionfish spotted near Bayahibelionfish

Interesting Facts about Lionfish

• A Lionfish can eat up to 20 fish in less than 30 minutes.

• It can exterminate at least 80% of native fish in a very short period of time.

• It lays between 1, 5000 to 2,000 eggs three times a month (that is up to 45,000 eggs per month!)

• The Lionfish comes from the North of the United States and Canada and can quickly expand to the Caribbean and even to Brasil in less than six years.

Please sign up for the tournament and join this important cause! Sponsorship opportunities are available – see below for details.

2nd Lionfish tournament

Where: Bayahibe – Dominicus area

When: Sunday the 2oth of October 2013

Inscriptions: Maximum of 5 people per boat and may compete in two categories; Free diving and Scuba Diving (Diving certificates will be required).

Business Sponsorship options:

  • Option 1: “Mero” – RD$10,000
  • Option 2: “Pargo” – RD$5,000
  • Option 3: “Morena” – RD$3,000

For more details please contact:

• La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster: (829) 520.9152

• Rita Sellares in FUNDEMAR: (829) 714.0616.

We look forward to seeing you there!


FUNDEMAR is an organisation dedicated to the promote, advise, plan and maintain sustainable use of the marine ecosystem and its resources through research, education and conservation policies. It has a technical team based working on science, vocation and efficiency, who develop projects with the misson of accomplishing the organisation’s objectives.

FUNDEMAR website:

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