280ft superyacht “Vibrant Curiosity” spotted in the Caribbean waters outside of the Marina Casa de Campo

natita megayacht

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natita megayachtDéjà vu? Yes we have published the above photo before – when we mistakenly thought it was a yacht called “Natita”, which visited the Marina Casa de Campo in January 2012. But as it turns out the above photograph shows a much more impressive yacht than the “Natita”, this is the “Vibrant Curiosity” and at 280ft is the 3rd longest yacht to ever visit the Marina Casa de Campo (by our records at least!).

The above photo of the “Vibrant Curiosity” was taken and sent to us by Eudaldo Hernández, owner and CEO of ERH Marine, the Dominican Republic’s leading yacht distributor based in the Marina Casa de Campo – spotted floating in the Caribbean ocean just outside of the Marina Casa de Campo. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this yacht was pointed out to us by Eudaldo – the lift, which runs straight down the center of the boat from the top right to the water line – visible where the vertical stripes are! Now that is impressive!

The “Vibrant Curiosity”, which cost a reported USD$100 million to build was launched in 2009 by German billionaire, Rein Wuerth, #93 on the Forbes 2009 List (of the world’s billionaires). Created by Oceanco, “Yachts for visionary owners”,with superyacht designers, Nuvolari & Lenard, who where in charge of the exquisite exterior and interior styling of this majestic megayacht.

Unfortunately, despite extensive googling we were unable to find much else out about this breathtaking floating mansion – but we do know that in addition to a large master cabin and VIP suite, the “Vibrant Curiosity”  has 14 additional state rooms.

I hope these visitors had a great time in Casa de Campo!

Other Mega Yachts spotted in the Marina Casa de Campo are:

The “Natita”, a 217 foot motor yacht – spotted in January 2012

• The Mirabella V, the world’s largest single-masted yacht.
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• The RONIN, the Ronin is 191.9 feet long, has an outdoor basket ball court, 2 tender boats, 2 jet skis, a garage for a Hummer, outdoor dining area with a hot tub, sleeping space for 10, crew of 13 and a full lounge set.
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• The Francine, a 151 foot yacht – which was here last April and on which we enjoyed a few parties!
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Brokers Cocktail aboard ‘The Francine’
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• The ‘A’, a 394ft Mega Yacht, owned by Andrei Melnichenko was spotted in the waters outside of Casa de Campo in January 2011.
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The “A” megayacht

• The Octopus, a 431ft Mega Yacht owned by Paul Allen, who was allegedly here in Casa de Campo with fellow billionaire Bill Gates in July 2009.
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