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All you need is love! A love-ly Hogar del Niño weekend

Xioma Menendez Ramon Menendez Xiomara Menendez

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Xioma Menendez, Ramon Menendez, Xiomara MenendezLove! Love! Love! All you need is love! And while that’s not strictly speaking true (after all a girl has got to eat), with love you can achieve great things…

Hogar del NinoAnd that has certainly proven to be the case with the Hogar del Niño. Founded some 40 years ago by Xiomara Menéndez, and now ran by her daughter Xioma Menéndez, the Hogar del Niño has grown into the Dominican Republic’s most complete education and daycare center, and there’s no doubt that we have love to thank for that.

So this past Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th of February, when the Casa de Campo community was invited to spend our Valentine’s Day celebrating in a united love for a very special cause, our response was… “We’d love to!”

It all started on Friday the 13th of February, which turned out to be lucky for the Hogar de Niño as hundreds of Casa de Campo villa owners and special guests enjoyed the Homes and Gardens Tour, visiting Punta Águila #32, Cacique #31, Barranca Oeste #37 and Río Arriba #15, as well as enjoying a tour of the Hogar del Niño facility in La Romana.

Hogar del Nino bike

Casa de Campo golfNext stop on the Hogar del Niño bus of love was the MTB Bike Marathon, the tennis tournament and the golf tournament, all 3 events starting bright and early on Saturday the 14th of February. And in keeping with the lovey-dovey feeling of the day, love was very definitely in the air… Love for life! Love for Casa de Campo! Love for our community! And lots of love for the Hogar del Niño!

And how was all this love rewarded? With hugs and lots of happiness of course! With the afternoon activities officially opened by the most adorable choir of the Hogar del Niño’s little ones, the love we all have for this cause swelled… as did the rain clouds. But a little rain didn’t dampened our spirits as the afternoon golfers carried on regardless and the zumba girls soldiered on like a scene from dancing in the rain!

Fefi Salvatierra, Daniela Diazgranados

Hogar del NinoLater that same evening, the love-ly times continued at the La Romana Country Club, where we were invited to embrace our love for art – as the theme of this year’s dinner was art! At the entrance to the La Romana Country Club guests were greeted by a mini-art exhibit, a silent auction of art pieces donated by members of our Casa de Campo community; former Altos de Chavón student Argenis Lebron, famous Dominican designer Jenny Polanco, Malele Strofer, America Olivo… and Xioma Menéndez herself!

There were also young artists of the Hogar del Niño drawing all the action as well as the most love-ly young Hogar del Niño couples dressed in skirts and hats they had made themselves from recycled materials.

Daniel Hernandez, Antonio Esteban, Dolly Esteban, Rafael Torres

Love! Love! Love! It was a magnificent event, which left us 100% in agreement with The Beatles, with love on your side, “there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.”

Sandra Alvarado, Gricelle LaHoz, Xiomara Menendez, Alessandra Avanizini

This week we look forward to bring you many more photos of the annual Hogar del Niño weekend – we guarantee you’re going to LOVE it! 😉 

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