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I’ll give credit… I absolutely loved the name!

The event was nice, a great turn out… always helps to have good amount of booze and cheese. But seriously, I was impressed by the turnout. Quite a few people from all parts of Casa de Campo showing up for the art, to lend support to the artist, Dorina Scalia, or to simply enjoy the free booze and nice atmosphere… either way, quite a few people.

The art itself, I guess is a matter of taste. In essence they where nothing more than mini-versions of really nice pieces of furniture. That being said, the finishing on these fully functional, yet petite pieces, was rather interesting. Unlike most shows, where people are scolded for touching the art, this was quite literally, a hands on experience. While there was no lack of people opening cupboards, drawers and such; you could see peoples minds churning aways as the question of the night loomed overhead… “What the hell am I supposed to put in here?”.

Its art for gods sake! Its not supposed to be practical by any means. That said, I came up with a few ideas: 1) Cel phone, 2) Gum, 3) Keys, 4) hip flask… OK, its art, its not supposed to be practical. In any case, I snapped a few shots, which are practically life size, for your enjoyment. Sorry about the photo quality, but I was not in the mood and confess that I did not put much effort into it.

In any case, this event was an entertaining change from the typical Saturday nights here… which quickly took a normal pace afterwards, but then that is a different story, for another day.