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Ok, I admit, I have no clue about who exactly this is, but since he’s coming here, I figure its time to learn about a new artist… and you know what, not too shabby. Mind you its not the type of the music I would listen to non-stop, but it might be worth attending… after all, there is nothing quite like a concert under the stars…

If you listen to any Latin music whatsoever, checkout his site, as you’ve probably heard some of his music. If not, consider it.

In case this floats your boat, be sure to take note of the dates – Saturday April 7th.

Of course, this concert will be in taking place at the same time as the Feria Andalucia in Altos de Chavon, so after the concert, you can be sure to mozy on over for live Traditional Andalusian dances, followed by a live DJ… drinking, dancing and then at 2am, CHURROS AND HOT CHOCOLATE (ad a little Baileys and its all good!).

Don’t forget to check out the site for the festival…

See you there my fellow Campesinos!