Absolutely Nothing…

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So this last weekend was extremely relaxing. With all the activities to partake in at Casa de Campo, I ended up doing what I believe is the #1 activity to do… can you guess which one it was?

Golf? Tennis? Shooting? Sailing? Horseback riding?

nope, nope, nope, nope, nope…

So what did I do? Absolutely nothing – well kind of. Nothing more than spending a few days a few steps away from the pool with friends drinking, laughing and just having a good time. The weekend pretty much started and came to an end like this. It was perfect.

On Saturday, while about to call it a night we happened to look up at the night sky and became mesmmorized by the shear quantity, clarity and beauty of all the stars. So the plans had to change – it was time to jump into the pool, which was cooling but not cold, perfect in fact. As we float and splashed around in the water we could not help but continue to be awe-struck by the incredible beauty of the night sky.

As we could not be bothered to look for the iPod, we made ourselves content listening to the soft rustling of the palms, the soothing crashes of the waves, the singing of the crickets… and the neighbors’ merenge which played in the distance.

Its nothing short of amazing how small and insignificant you begin to feel when staring up at the cosmos, only to let your stress and worries wash away as you begin to feel a sense serenity wash over you. What else do you need in life? At that moment in time, I could only think of one thing I would eventually need… a towel.

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