Pretty House

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Now this is a house. You simply don’t see many houses being built anymore that utilize so much land on the house entrance, but this being an older house, it was built when land was not anywhere close to what it is today. Personally, I love this house. As you walk in, or simply pass by, you can not help to become more and more relaxed. This is a vacation home like no other, beautiful, rustic and yet refined. They just don’t build them like they used to.
For those of you wondering how much a house like this goes for, well I can tell you that a ballpark of US$2M ~ US$4M would have been right about a decade ago. Today however, the real estate market in Casa de Campo has gained so much momentum that I could not imagine any offer under US$10M being even considered… I should check up on this, but I would venture to think that maybe US$15M would be closer to the mark.
Its good to live in paradise. Posted by Picasa

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