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This past Sunday, March 11th, the annual McDaniel Tennis Tournament came to an exciting close with the finals at the La Romana Country Club. Playing in the finals was Francisco Concepción with his doubles partner Javier de la Cruz, reigning champion who has now won various times in the tournament’s 13-year history including last year. They played against Edwin Guerrero and his doubles partner Ronnie Pimentel. It was a fast-paced doubles match for the title of tournament champions bringing out the best of both teams and cheers from the crowd! The McDaniel Family Foundation, celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, has sought to sponsor the education of Casa de Campo’s ball boys, and through their annual fundraising tournament have, year after year, succeeded in assisting a growing number of boys (and even a few girls). The doubles format, with a pre-arranged draw that included 20 players from La Terraza and La Romana Country Club, is a favorite for players and spectators and provides more opportunities to catch exciting games on the courts.  Sports fans sat on the sidelines with a perfect view of the main court, wherein during the final competition a fierce battle took place. Edwin Guerrero, undoubtedly the crowd favorite, and his partner Ronnie Pimentel stood out and earned the title as champions of  this year’s tournament. With more than US$50,000 raised through generous donations from the Casa de Campo community and local businesses, and thanks to the unfailing support of the Casa de Campo community, the foundation was able to provide scholarships for more than 20 ball boys, as well as medical and dental insurance for the players. In addition, the foundation is thrilled to be able to offer once again their mentoring program which pairs more experienced players with younger ones in order to help coach them to improve their tennis game, while also giving them positive role models for life. Mr McDaniel also announced that this year the ball boys and their parents will also be provided health insurance thanks to the contribution of Dr. José Avila, an retired Casa de Campo ballboy who, thanks to having learned tennis here, earned a scholarship to study in college and is now a doctor along with 2 other retired ball boys who are also doctors. They started a foundation to help la Romana’s community members and have performed more than 90 medical operations! Their clinic has over 42 doctors with various specialties. What a wonderful success story! Thank you Dr. José Avila for your contribution!  Mr. McDaniel presented Cesarina, who came in behalf of the Cisneros Family, with this year’s honorary chairman plaque thanking them for all their help and loyal support throughout the years. He talked about the English classes that are given to the players every week, and two of the players performed a small skit as a demonstration of what they have learned.  The awards ceremony followed the tournament, bringing the sponsors, players, ball boys, and their families together at the La Romana Country Club. Every single participant of the tournament (winners or not) was awarded prize-money. Rick McDaniel thanked everyone once again for their continued support throughout the years and shared with everybody that the foundation will be able to continue providing Player’s Health Insurance, all the Ball Boy’s Scholarships, the Player’s Prize Money, and two College Scholarships! Congratulations to the winners and all the players, sponsors, and supporters for another successful and wonderful McDaniel Tennis Tournament 2018! Remember, it’s never too late to donate! The following collection of images by Dariana Soriano were taken during the finals of the 13th annual McDaniel Tennis Tournament in Casa de Campo: