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102 students from Fundación MIR celebrated their graduation this year!

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On Friday, August 20, 102 students from the Fundación MIR began their journey as technical high school graduates with the highest educational and ethical quality in the region. Not only did they celebrate their graduation, but they also made a commitment to continue their hard work to ensure a bright future for themselves and their families.

This is the 16th graduation of the MIR Family, MIR Foundation High Schools; MIR Foundation Polytechnic (for girls) and MIR Esperanza Polytechnic (for boys), graduated 102 young people fully prepared and outstanding for their achievements in different provincial and national competitions. The ceremony took place in the Multipurpose Room of the Fundación MIR, located in Campo MIR Nueva Esperanza, where friends and family gathered to celebrate this special occasion with the graduating class.

Present at the graduation were members of the board of directors, Ms. Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, founder of Fundación MIR, Ms. Lyanne Azqueta, and Ms. Sandra Hernández, who were visibly proud of the many achievements of the students. As special guests, the event included Ms. Maritzita Bonetti; I KNOW. Daniel Biran Bayor, Ambassador of Israel in R.D .; I KNOW. Franklin García Fermín, Minister of the Mescyt; I KNOW. Monsignor Jesús Castro Marte.

In the event, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) and the MIR Foundation signed a collaboration agreement, with the aim of facilitating national and international scholarships and immersion English studies to deserving young people with limited resources from La Romana who They are in their last academic year at the Fundación MIR Vocational Technical School or at the MIR Esperanza Vocational School.

The purpose of the framework agreement is to initiate, develop and regulate the cooperative relations between the MESCYT and the Fundación MIR, in order to carry out academic activities for the benefit of deserving young people who have obtained academic excellence during the course of their studies. MESCYT is committed to providing national, international and immersion English scholarships to be distributed among students with the highest academic merits in areas that are linked to government policies set by the central government and the basic needs of the country.

Mr. Daniel Biran Bayor; Ambassador of Israel in the Dominican Republic, gave a special gift to the student with the highest average in the promotion; the Sta. Yidelin Milovel Tapia. Mrs. Monique Acevedo, General Director of the Schools gave a very emotional speech for her students, thanking all those who are part of the educational community for their dedication and commitment to the integral development of their students and above all the effort of each parent and student for each goal achieved.

Ms. Lyanne Azqueta, gave a motivational speech, encouraging students to pursue their path to hope, and that if they ever have doubts, Fundación MIR will be there to help them. And as always, we could not leave out the long-awaited “Don Alfonso Fanjul” scholarships that were awarded to the young Franklin Núñez for the career of Industrial Psychology and to Ms. Erika Contreras for the career of Law; both at the Central University of the East.

Congratulations to all and many thanks to the Fundación MIR for its commitment to such an important task!

Below a gallery of pictures sent by the Fundación MIR taken during the graduation held in La Romana on August 20, 2021:

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