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Altos de Chavón Fall Fest may be over, but that doesn’t keep us from oohing and aahing over the best memories and pictures! See how we kicked back on Sunday with treats, arts & crafts, live music, friends and good times. Until next time!!!

1. Kids had a blast

and got a little messy too.

Chavón Fall Fest

2. Costa Farms’ garden stand was so cool!

How cute is all of this??? And their poinsettias reminded us it’s almost Christmas!

Chavón Fall Fest

3. La Piazzetta’s Brunch was a hit

A piano player live, the A/C keeping us cool on a hot day, and the food was way too good! Plus, they followed up the afternoon with a live saxophone player!

4. Trick-or-Treating kept kids sugar levels through the roof

and we got to see the cutest costumes!

Chavón Fall Fest

5. The shopping… Oh the shopping

Guest vendors had everything from perfumes to airplants… While shops offered incredible discounts

Chavón Fall Fest


6. La Tienda’s deco for Dia de los Muertos

A hidden gem of the Fall Fest! The hallway in front of La Tienda was freaky and interesting at the same time.

Chavón Fall Fest


7. The reggae party for the inauguration of La Eskina

Some of us MAY have left late – like VERY LATE.


8. Little Chavoneros in the making

Clay sculpting, maraca making, pumpkin art and so much more. Kids discovered what Chavón is all about!

Chavón Fall Fest


9. The rain didn’t stop the party

We may have gotten a bit wet, but that didn’t slow anyone down. The party post rain was even better!

Chavón Fall Fest


10. Altos de Chavón is on its way to becoming THE SPOT for families on Sundays

Fall Fest was all about bringing the family together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it seems like soon we will be seeing more families at the Village of the Artists on Sundays.

Chavón Fall Fest