Wheelie - New Motocross Track
Casa de Campo

Costasur recently opened its renovated Motocross track during the Hogar del Nino Weekend and it is so incredibly awesome we thought we would share the 10 Reasons Why We Learned the Motocross Track is Awesome!

1. Always looking to add additional amenities in Casa, Costasur found a great lot by the new main entrance to install a Motocross track specially designed for those seeking a rush of adrenaline and adventure!

Bryan de la Cruz Photography

2. With One Way Bike and Boxeracing as collaborators for this project to encourage bike lovers to use the track,  rest assured we will be seeing a lot of Motocross action soon.

3. Low hills, curves, leaps and straights are thrilling features you will find in the track.

4. The Casa de Campo Motocross Track meets professional track standards and has been tested by the country’s top dirt bike pros — THEY LOVE IT!

Photo credit: Bryan David de la Cruz

5. Don’t have a Dirt Bike? Whether on motorcycle, bike, four-wheel or buggy, the track is open all day every day for residents and visitors alike!

6. Kids have as much fun in the little bikes as do those on big bikes!

Photo credit: Bryan David de la Cruz

7. Watching a Motocross exhibition or race is as exciting as competing in it! At the Hogar del Nino Weekend we watched pros get high up in the air showing off their skills, and it was exhilarating!

Photo credit: Nelson Sanlley Photography

8. Want to ride after a rainy day? Motocross can be so fun in the mud – less dust more mud! Just be careful since it can get a bit slippery.

Photo credit: Bryan David de la Cruz

9. The Casa de Campo track is away from the hustle and bustle of cars and roads – which makes for a safe riding experience.

Photo credit: Nelson Sanlley Photography

10. The helmets, goggles, onesies and boots are so stylish we kind of feel it’s a shame we can’t wear them every day!

Photo Credit: Bryan David de la Cruz

The best Motocross clubs and teams in the country are coming to Casa to use the track now — so make sure to stop by on weekend since you might get a glimpse of some competitive action soon!

Photo credit: Ferreteria Detallista

Where is the Motocross Track?

The Motocross Track is located next to the second roundabout at the Rey Juan Carlos I Avenue from the north entrance of Casa de Campo. Head west on  the dirt road off of the roundabout and the road will lead you right to it.

The featured image was taken by Bryan David de la Cruz ((809) 913-0295, rcolorphoto@gmail.com) during the Motocross Exhibition at the 2016 Hogar del Niño Weekend.