Tune in to see Jacqueline Silvestri-Banks on Fox News!

jacqueline silvestri banks

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jacqueline silvestri banks

Tomorrow morning (Monday) at 8.50am, Jacqueline Banks my future sister-in-law (fingers crossed) and the daughter of Claudio Silvestri, President and CEO of Casa de Campo, will appear on Fox News!


CONGRATULATIONS Jacqueline! The segment has now been screened and Jacqueline was awesome! As soon as we have the clip we will be sure to post it for you all to see. (If anyone knows from where we will be able to find that please let us know!)

jacqueline silvestri banksCertified Holistic Health counsellor Jacqueline has her own company JB Holistic, “Helping mamma and baby stay healthy and happy” and is a regularly contributor to in the health section. In the past she has contributed popular articles on autism, fertility, indigestion, food aversions, and weight loss. Her most recent article “Best foods to beat the heat this summer”, will be the topic for her appearance tomorrow morning.

With plates prepared by Le Cirque New York, Jacqueline will be talking about the best foods to lighten up your diet through the heat of the summer and avoid foods that may make you feel tired, run-down and sluggish (BBQ burgers for example). As it can get rather warm in Casa de Campo at this time of year – this advice may prove rather useful!

Jacqueline is also a guest writer for, as well as our guide-magazine publication TODO Casa de Campo.

Tune in to see Jacqueline live on FOX news at 8.50am tomorrow! We’ll be watching and we hope you will be too! Good luck Jacqueline!

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