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Easily the Dominican Republic’s leading English language luxury magazine, CasaLife has made quite the impact on the publishing industry in the Dominican Republic, raising the bar and offering a product as luxurious and high-end as the world famous Casa de Campo golf resort and community, whoes exclusive activities and visiting celebreties it covers. Since its […]

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Healthy Living by Jacqueline Banks – Corn Syrup

If you’ve been watching T.V lately chances are you’ve been bombarded with commercials touting corn syrup to be “natural” and good from you in moderation. It always blows my mind when I see nutritional commercials touting the benefits of a food product when it’s been proven time and time again to have negative effects, such […]

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POLL RESULTS – What kind of cusine is missing in the Casa de Campo?

After conducting yet another ultra un-scientific poll, its become clear that our readers love Thai Food.  When asked what kind of cuisine they would most like to see added to the roster of restaurants in Casa de Campo, Thai food was the clear winner, with Indian and “Light Cuisine” coming in second and third place, […]

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Check out the New CasaLife!

Its new. Its gorgeous and its everywhere!  The new CasaLife is circulating in and around Casa de Campo and so far, eveyone seems to love it. We’ll be a little biased and say that its our favorite to date, covering its usual upscale repitour of interesting coverage, exclusive events and the hottest toys. In this […]

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Bikers Mount Up!

So we’ve just been informed that this coming Sunday, there will be a group biking activity, cooinciding with the Dueños Weekend. The event is free and open to all, but is BYOBHGAG (Bring your own bike, helmet, gloves and gear!), and departs on sunday morning from the Parking Lot of Minitas Beach. From photos we’ve […]

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Calendar of Events!

We have now added a calendar of events for all things Casa de Campo. While its a little on the bare side today – zero items in fact – we hope that it will soon become a healthy list of all things Casa de Campo. In fact, if you have any items that you would […]

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Cygalle is styling!’ing that is!

So our local holistic spa pleasure princess, Cygalle Diaz, strikes again – having being written up yet again, this time by Vogues online periodical, Aside speaking about how wonderful and glamorous Casa de Campo, and its creme de la creme residents and clientel, the article does speak quite a bit about the wonderful treatments […]