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Dueños ’09: Casathon

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Before 8.30am on Saturday the 24th of October a crowd of eager Casa de Campo villa ownershad already begun to congregate at the entrance to Playa Minitas, warming up for the Dueños event: the Casathon. By 9am, the group had grown to a ground of well over 50 people, all raring to go! Most of the group were proudly wearing their brand-new Dueños T-shirts and caps, onto which the event organizers, were pinning numbers so that race competitors could be ranked.

Sometime after 9am the race began – everyone set off at a run and with great enthusiasm! For some (myself included) that run soon dwindled into a brisk walk, whilst other, much more competitive villa owners proceeded to sprint, run or jog the entire route – determined to compete for a place in the top three!

For those of us who walked, the event was a pleasant opportunity to meet new people, chat with friends, whilst doing a little exercise. For those real competitors the race was a race and exhilarating to the end – male, female and children’s winners results coming soon.

Congratulations to all who took part!

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