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Casa B, una de las villas más encantadoras de Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo villa Phyllis Berney

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Casa de Campo villa Phyllis BerneyCasa B, es la despampanante villa de Phyllis Berney en Casa de Campo. Una casa rodeada de diversas plantas con una vista al hoyo #3 del campo de golf Country Club La Romana e inclusive hacia el mar Caribe.

Casa de Campo villa Phyllis BerneyActualmente, Casa B, indudablemente una de las villas más encantadoras en Casa de Campo, se encuentra a la venta por US$4.5 millones de dolares.

Ubicada en el exclusivo sector de Barranca Este, cuenta con vistas a diferentes puntos del complejo turístico Casa de Campo, ya que posee una increíble vista de 180 grados al mar Caribe. Una vista, que se puede admirar desde cada punto de la casa, desde la entrada principal hasta las habitaciones, las salas  y donde quiera que te muevas, no pierdes esta maravillosa vista.

Casa B fue diseñada por Carlos Lebinsky, famoso por sus trabajos en Argentina y Uruguay, mientras que el artista argentino Leopoldo Maler estuvo a cargo de la construcción.

Anteriormente tenía el estilo tradicional en madera de las mayoría de villas en Casa de Campo, Casa B fue reconstruida en concreto, aunque inteligentemente conserva su estilo en madera. Con paredes blancas, pisos en coralina y enormes puertas, ventanas y persianas en madera, Casa B es ciertamente la epítome de una perfecta casa tropical, con coloridas flores de trinitarias alineadas en el exterior de la terraza.

Casa de Campo villa Phyllis BerneyDesde esta increible villa localizada en el paraiso Casa de Campo, Playa Minitas, Marina Casa de Campo y Altos de Chavón se encuentran a tan solo 5 minutos de viaje, mientras que el Country Club La Romana se encuentra a solo un paso, perfecto para sus rutas de caminatas.

Esta villa es una joya en la brillante joyería del resort Casa de Campo. Estas fotos por si solas no pueden mostrar el esplendor de Casa B, así que eche un vistazo personalmente.

Casa B, Barranca Este #66

  • 7 habitaciones
  • 7 baños (rediseñados en 2009)
  • Piscina grande con jacuzzi
  • Vistas:  Mar Caribe, hoyo #3 del campo golf Country Club La Romana, Bayahibe, Isla Catalina, y el río Chavón.
  • Tamaño de Construcción: 14,000 pies cuadrados.
  • Tamaño del terreno: 61,580 pies cuadrados
  • Construida en 1996
  • Arquitecto:  Carlos Libedinsky
  • Construida por Leopoldo Maler
  • Gran garaje
  • Gran cuarto de servicio: 2 habitaciones, 2 almacenes

US$4.5 millones

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El siguiente artículo es un resumen de una pieza publicada acerca de Casa B en nuestra publicación hermana la revista CasaLIfe, en diciembre 2013:

Casa B, a domestic masterpiece

Casa de Campo villa

Yesterday all our troubles seemed so far away. “It just fit us so well.”, says Phyllis Berney when describing the “Tango Dancers” by Leopoldo Maler, her favorite piece in the vast artworks collection found in her Barranca Este home.

You see, when Phyllis and her husband, Joe, bought this magnificent 8ft piece, more than 20 years ago, their home in Bahía Minitas had just burnt to the ground and Joe was in the final stages of his battle with lung cancer. It was this series of events that led the couple to the home of Leopoldo Maler, the purchase of the Tango Dancers etched with these haunting lyrics by the Beatles, and the birth of Casa B, one of the first and most beautiful homes in the Barranca Este neighborhood.

Having all arrived in Casa de Campo in the early 1980’s, Phyllis and Joe became acquainted with Leopoldo through the Altos de Chavón School of Design, where he was the first dean of studies in 1983. A well known conceptual artist himself, perhaps most famous for “Hommage”, a flaming 1974 modified typewriter, Leopoldo, rather than settle in Casa de Campo, decided to build his own home on the other side of the Chavón river in Boca Chavón. “We thought if he can build that house across the river, he can build our house”, Phyllis told CasaLife in a recent interview.

Not an architect himself, Leopoldo enlisted the help of his good friend and architect Carlos ‘Dudy’ Lebinsky, also from Argentina and an eccentric character who has the world’s most complete collection of toilets, and is also a collector of tennis paraphernalia, as well as vintage cars. As the architect Carlos ‘Dudy’ Lebinsky worked on the plans, while Leopoldo managed the construction.

Phyllis and Joe were joined by Dudy and Leopoldo on their first visit to the land, “we arrived with 5 workers who cut through the wilderness with machetes”, says Leopoldo who also joined us for the interview, “Joe was so excited that he was running around. His main decision was to have this land.” Leopoldo and Dudy completed the plans within 24 hours, “I explained my vision to Dudy, and because I don’t draw, he did it. For me it was a great experience and a great passion this house.”

Just 14 months later Casa B was completed. A truly contemporary-style home, that takes it architectural cues from the spectacular nature that surrounds it, “we wanted to see out onto the beautiful Dominican Republic,” explains Phyllis. The 14,000 square foot villa welcomes guests into a palatial open-plan living space with a magnificent view over Casa de Campo and out to the Caribbean sea, the same view enjoyed from each of the 7 bedrooms, including the guest house.

Yet while this property is both modern and minimalistic, it is also very wooden, so much so that from the outside it actually looks like a wooden house, a nod to the Berney’s first Casa de Campo home, a traditional wooden design. “Once you’ve lived in a wooden house you hate concrete, so we said lets do the structure of concrete, but let’s put as much wood as possible,” explains Leopoldo. This nature-orientated approach to the design, brings the outside indoors, as the flowers of the bougainvillea that frame the entire structure are blown in on the breeze.

Central to the character of the villa is Phyllis’ passion for art. “Art is really important to me, I was a member of the Wisconsin Arts Board and later was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve on the National Council for Arts.” Every room is perfectly balanced with paintings and sculptures by numerous international artists.

The vast central living space, is overlooked by the “Riding Maya” by Leopoldo Maler, part of a series based on the The Nude Maja by Francisco Goya, “I’ve done a lot of work based on the Maya. She’s losing parts of her body as the horse rides,” explained the artist. Also in this area is the Tango Dancers, part of Maler’s series on bilingualism, inspired by his experience in Miami. “I was very impressed by the bilingual culture, so I started to do a lot of work with poetry, one word in English, one word in Spanish, one word in English, one word in Spanish, here one line is a song by the Beatles, the other a Tango by Gardel, the phrases alternate. ‘El día que me quieras’ was the first tango ever sang.”

Two other masterpieces by Maler take pride of place in Casa B; the Dominican Fishing Boats and Wood Heads. Both feature old, discarded wood. “Wood is like a sponge, it has a memory, I do many pieces using recycled very old wood, because it brings a story into the piece.”

Remarkably, many of the artworks featured throughout the rest of this plantation-style abode were purchased from artists-in-residence at the Altos de Chavón School of Design; Ann Parker, Patricia Tobaco Forrester and Mark Lineweaver. While there are also beloved sculptures by Chaim and Mimi Gross and Paul Granlund, as well as photography by Mario Algaze.

The last piece of artwork is a creation by Phyllis herself, her orchid garden which she has been cultivating for more than 10 years. With more than 200 plants, this beautiful labor of love consists entirely of different varieties of native Dominican orchids; the Catleya, the Phalaenopsis and the Vanda Cultvar.

Nestled in such lush tropical vegetation, brimming with fine culture, art and architecture, Casa B is a Casa de Campo masterpiece, a home where in Phyllis’ own words “life is as it should be.”

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