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So we’ve just been informed that this coming Sunday, there will be a group biking activity, cooinciding with the Dueños Weekend. The event is free and open to all, but is BYOBHGAG (Bring your own bike, helmet, gloves and gear!), and departs on sunday morning from the Parking Lot of Minitas Beach.

From photos we’ve received (click here for album), we can see that this is a hard-core group and is not for your more casual rider, but if your in shape and up for what will surely be an endorphin filled challenge – gear up and get ready for a blood pumping marathon ride!

We would love to post some photos after the event, so please send us anything you have!

On a personal note, I had no idea that this was even taking place, and am thrilled that people are beginning to provide us with great information and activities! Please keep these tips coming!