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Victory Club Reopens – This Saturday!

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Victory how we missed you! Its seems as its been forever since we’ve been to the Victory Club, and indeed this is the case. Well perhaps not forever, but just a long time. For a while we where a little worried. But now is the time to rejoice as the Victory Club is reopens its doors, this Saturday 20th of December, this time with a few extra surprises.
The main surprise you will probably see as you walk (or are shuttled) to the Victory Club itself – a brand new balcony!
Having spoken to Giancarlo Ricco, owner, we understand that there are also many additional surprises around the corner, bigger than you can begin to imagine. Surprises which we will reveal in due time, in the meantime – enjoy a drink, enjoy the music, enjoy the company, enjoy the balcony… and enjoy the view – it is simply breath taking!
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