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Everyday brings the Andalucia Fair closer to reality… I see the tents sprouting from the ground. I feel the energy in the air. The entire resort is simply buzzing with excitment about the fair.

With so much to do over this ‘Semana Santa’, it will be hard to figure out what to do, but quite frankly, I have not doubt the Andalucia Fair will be the most fun of all… I’ll get photos of the tents tommorow.

As for the weather… its been amazing. Aside from plenty of sunshine and clear blue skys, the evenings have been incredibly cool. Definatly time to take out those nice sweaters and find someone to keep you warm, or simply dance the night away to the ‘Sevillanas’ they will be playing at the fair.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about this? I am!

Also, did I mention that the country’s best DJ will be playing at the Altos de Chavon square on saturday night? It will be amazing! You’ll be able to dance all night long, under the stars. Wow, I have not partied under the stars since the last New Years they had up there several years ago.

Oh the wonderful memories of growing up a CasaBrat.