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The Walkabout Foundations Donates ‘Off-Road’ Wheelchairs to Haiti Quake Victims

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Just over a year ago, part-time Casa de Campo residents Luis Gonzalez-Bunster and his sister Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster founded the Walkabout Foundation, to promote awareness of paralysis and disabilities and fund research for spinal cord injuries.

walkaboutfoundationAnother important aspect to the foundation is the provision/donation of wheelchairs – the Walkabout Foundation recently visited Haiti with a donation of off-road wheelchairs for victims of the devastating earthquake in January this year. The Walkabout Foundation donated 700 wheelchairs to individuals who became disabled as a result of the earthquake, the following video was taken during the Walkabout Foundation’s visit to Haiti and shows the wheelchairs being donated to those people in need.

To read about the Walkabout Foundation’s first visit to Haiti, just 6 days after the earthquake, click here.

To visit the Walkabout Foundation’s website and to make a donation, click here!

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