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The Victory Club goes Hawaiian!

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luau_topIn celebration of another wonderful Summer Saturday in Casa de Campo, last Saturday the 13th of June, the Victory Club in the Casa de Campo Marina reinvented itself, turning the normally sleek and sophisticated bar/nightclub into a full blown Hawaiian Luau, complete with grass skirts and Hawaiian leis!

The party atmosphere was fantastic, the whole club was overflowing with Casa de Campo residents and guests all having an amazing time dancing the night away into the wee hours of the morning. Co-hosted by Santo Domingo’s famed Amika Dance Club, Victory was able to not only cater an evening of fresh, young entertainment – but also expanded its reach into a far more clubby type ambiance.

For anyone who had wondered whether the undisputed nightlife champion of the promenade had a few tricks left up its sleave, or in this case, its grass skirt, Victory proves that when it counts, not only can every one have a great time, but last weekend, everyone at got leied!


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