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The Sommelier Italian Association hosts a wine tasting at the Beach Club by le Cirque

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Casa de Campo’s Minitas Beach hosted the fun, relaxing and informal activity of SIA Caribbean during the past weekend. After some appetizers, a beautiful Gazebo, complete with elegance and style gave a warm welcome to the guests while we sat on the sofa in the middle of the beach, our feet covered in sand.

Gustavo de Hostos welcomed everyone and after some words form the SIA President  Alberto Albertini, the tasting began. The theme was ‘the Terroir and a Server’. Thomas Sartori explained to all guests the importance of this concept in the wine world.

The first wine was a fresh, pleasant, aromatic Prosecco di Valdobbiadene of the Val d’Oca cellar, which opened the taste buds. The second wine: a provocation when explaining how the terroir concept can mislead, a Chardonnay Montes Alpha, creamy and soft, with typical notes of vanilla and butter, a wine, that unfortunately, does not represent any territory and can be found in various wine regions.

Before the red wine made its entrance, an interesting composition of snacks made its way to the table: Ceviche, a parmesan Souffle  and rolls of Prosciutto di Parna, Manchego and Parmesan cheese…delicious.

The first red wine was a Teroldego of the Foradori cellar, who stood out, as always because of its peculiar animal-like notes, that during the course of the night, transformed itself like the frog into the prince in that famous tale – mind you, no kiss was needed. To wrap up, a Crianza de Ribiera del Duero, Carmelo Rodero, with notes of plum, cherry and sweet spice: a wine that needs more than prosciutto to accompany it.

The timing, on behalf of Massimo Caretta and Gianny Darias, manager of the »Beach Club by Le Cirque» restaurant and manager of the Room Service of Casa de Campo, respectively- whom we thank for their professionalism and hard work- resulted faultless, and in no time, a delicious, succulent and perfectly stewed tenderloin appeared on the table, accompanied by a sauteed ratatouille, thus achieving an excellent marriage of the two red wines.

The night was still young, and some devoted themselves to smoking a cigar, others clinged on to the wine, and others simply listened to the sound of the waves. What a pity it was to not have taken a sweet wine, which would have been the perfect complement to the mouth watering desserts, who were the last ones to arrive at the table.

Thanks to you who always support us, thanks to Casa de Campo who have so kindly given us this opportunity, and who showed, as if it were still necessary, the high level of service that the resort offers.

Special thanks to Gianny Darias who made this collaboration possible.

This article was contributed by Thomas Sartori, of AIS Caribe. Thank you for your participation Thomas!

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