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The Rolex Regatta Cometh to Casa de Campo in April 2010

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regatta1Did you know that the world famous Rolex Regatta is coming to Casa de Campo in 2010? Well it is. With less than a year to go, we’re anxiously awaiting all the hoopla and excitement that everyone should be experiencing for this prestigious event, which will show off Casa de Campo to so many of the worlds’ most prominent and affluent sailing aficionados.

Currently, we at Casa de Campo Living ( are proud to be among the first, if not the first, to really start promoting this wonderful even, which will enhance the exposure and perception of our wonderful Casa de Campo, on a broader international scale. This is naturally even more important given the current global situation – so make sure that you too help make a buzz!

But back to the regatta! We’ll be providing updates in the days, weeks and months to come! For the moment, we would like to invite everyone to visit a few sites which can provide a good amount of information to get you started.

Now just remember to mark your calendars and prepare for one heck of a world class event!

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