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The Casa de Campo Villa Owners Courtesy Card: Get one now!

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Are you a Casa de Campo Villa Owner? Did you know that you are entitled to a 10% discount in all of the Casa de Campo restaurants and bars? To get this discount all you need to do is get yourself a Villa Owners Courtesy Card, which now only need to be updated once a year (not every 6 months) and can be used to pay all your lunches at the beach and evenings out in Casa de Campo.

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Who is entitled to a courtesy card?
Casa de Campo villa owners and their family members.

How much does a courtesy card cost?
The main courtesy card of the household is RD$500 and it is RD$250 for additional cards joined to the same ‘cuenta’ (account.)

What is the benefit of having a courtesy card?
• A courtesy card can be used to pay for anything you consume from the Casa de Campo Resort: food, drinks, water sports, golf, tennis, shooting etc.
• Paying with your courtesy card entitles you to great discounts! Currently paying with your courtesy card gets you a 10% discount BUT we hear that this might soon be increased AND that courtesy card holders will get discounts off of other Casa de Campo facilities such as golf, tennis, the gym and even the spa – as soon as we know more we will let you know!

How often does the courtesy card need to be renewed?
Your Casa de Campo villa owners courtesy card must be renewed once a year – not every 6 months as in the past.

How do I get my card?
Getting your courtesy card is easy – just go to the Villa Owners Club and take with you:
• your villa owners card or a copy
• your passport of cedula or a copy
• credit card
At the office you will fill in a form and they will process and issue you with your card – ready to go out spending!

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