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Something to be Thankful for – End of Hurricane Season

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While its techincally not really over till the 1st of December, we’re going to go ahead and be the first ones to call it. THE 2008 HURRICANE SEASON IS OVER!!!  We’ve been lucky this year, so today of all days is a good one to really give thanks for the fact, that aside from a bit *ehem* of rain, here and there, its been a very fortunate hurricane season in the Dominican Republic.  Of course we’ve seen our share of puddles and showers, wind and waves, but overall this has been a good one.

Just to keep these bad boys and girls in mind, here where the main storms of the season:

  • Tropical Storm Arthur
  • Hurricane Bertha
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal
  • Hurricane Dolly
  • Tropical Storm Edouard
  • Tropical Storm Fay
  • Hurricane Gustav
  • Hurricane Hanna
  • Hurricane Ike
  • Tropical Storm Josephine
  • Hurricane Kyle
  • Subropical Storm Laura
  • Tropical Storm Marco
  • Tropical Storm Nana
  • Hurricane Omar
  • Tropical Depression Sixteen
  • Hurricane Paloma

 With the hurricane season quickly setting,  it is a good time to take a moment and appreciate the power and majesty that nature can present, and realize that it is with a great deal of respect and awe that we must treat mother nature. Her sheer destructive capability are matched only by her ability to create life and beauty. Today is a good day to be thankful for this little blue speck we live in. 

Happy thanksgiving!

[UPDATE: Since writting this article, yesterday, it seems that something is in fact forming in the Atlantic ocean, according to the National Huricane center.  Nevertheless, with only two days to go until the ‘Official’ end of the season, we’re sticking by our guns and calling the season DONE!  We understand that this has been a unique year, so if we are wrong, we’ll harldy be surprised, but nevertheless, we say enough already!]

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