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Something Sweet is coming to Altos

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We all have a sweet tooth. But what we have been missing in Casa de Campo has been a way to truly satisfy that sweet tooth. Yes, most restaurants have a little something on their desert menus which could work, but does anyone have anything that really stands out?

Well, if you have not been in Casa de Campo in a while, you might have some fond memories of the deserts at Pepperoni, which where the creations of start desert chef, Melissa Abusada. The chocolate fondant that she used to make, where typically described in one word: orgasmic. That’s pretty high praise if you ask me. However, Melissa and Pepperoni parted ways a few months ago, leaving the Marina staple without the sweet success of their top desert chef. 
But now we have learned that she has not really left Casa de Campo – in fact, she will be opening her own place, simply named «Melissa’s», in Altos de Chavon. Being located where the old Tequila Bar used to be, Melissa’s will serve all types of delectable pastries and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Though we will have to confirm all of this (and do a lot of taste testing for you, of course), we will have to keep you posted as this develops. We can however tell you that construction has begun and within a few short months, we should be delivering the good news and the delicious details. 
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