It’s Semana Santa, which for us here in Casa de Campo means it’s time to party in Palmilla!

I have heard it said that at Palmilla you either have to look good or look rich – whichever look you decide to go for, here’s our guide to getting ready for Palmilla!

Palmilla must-haves for you:

  • Designer sunglasses – if you’ve forgotten your’s or worse broken them, don’t panic! Carmen Sol New York in the Marina Casa de Campo has now opened a new sunglasses boutique, Carmen Sol New York SUN, which sells every brand you need to look suitably ‘in style’!
  • Bathing suit – for most, the idea of strutting around partially naked can be a little intimidating, so to boost your confidence get yourself a brand new bathing suit! For men, we recommend Vilebrequin, whilst for ladies both KIWI and Carmen Sol New York stock bikini’s to show off every beautiful curve.
  • Sunscreen – available in the Nacional Supermarket and the pharmacy. Applying sunscreen is undoubtedly a pain, but lobster red is definitely not this season’s ‘in’ color.
  • An attractive woman (or several) – an essential if you’re a man trying to achieve the ‘affluent’ look.

Designer specks – sailor’s hat and crazy pout not essential:

Palmilla must-haves for the boat:

  • Alcohol – if you forget literally everything else, do NOT forget the champagne! There are three very good options to buy your drinks in the Marina; Punto y Concho is a specialist in good quality wines, spirits and most importantly champagne, the Nacional Supermarket has a good variety, but can get very crowded, and the Block and Barrel which has a nice choice, as well as freshly made sandwiches and cheesecake. Or for those who like to come prepared – you can get fantastic imported wine delivered straight to your house from the Casa Wine Shop.
  • Food – all booze and no food is a recipe for disaster. If you just want snacks, the best options are the Nacional Supermaket and Block and Barrel, but if you’re catering for a larger group, most restaurants in the Marina are willing to provide platters.
  • Ice – Nacional Supermarket has it.

Get ready to have fun!

HINT: If you’re coming in from Santo Domingo, do yourself a favor and get all your supplies from JUMBO, it has a bigger selection, and might be less crowded – although I would not recommend getting your sunglasses there, likewise for the attractive woman!

For more information and phone numbers of the shops and restaurants in the Casa de Campo Marina visit their website;