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The Nacional supermarket in the Casa de Campo marina, is a great place to pick up the odd snack from the deli/sandwich bar or the occasional cooking essential, and soon (fingers crossed) we hear that they might have a Salad bar! Such a simple idea, but something desperately needed in the marina and in fact in all of Casa de Campo – with so many image and body conscious beautiful people swanning around, a nice healthy salad bar will surely be a big hit!

But it gets better – they are also (we hear) thinking about opening an entire organic food section, which would be FANTASTIC – if only it were more than just a rumor!

So Nacional Supermarket, we implore you to help us get healthier – bring us a much needed Salad Bar and Organic Foods section!

As a matter of fact, we happen to know that the Jefe of the Nacional Supermarket in the Marina will be reading this – so please leave your feedback; if you want a Salad bar and Organic foods – leave a comment and help us let the people in charge know! Of course, if you’re not all that fussed about a Salad Bar, maybe you would like them to add something else – leave a comment – let us and them know!!