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RUMOR ALERT: Remodeling Victory?

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This is not so much a rumor alert as it is an unconfirmed certainty. We seen the outside of the Victory undergoing an expansion of sorts. By our professionally untrained eye, we can see that there is some sort of construction in progress, which would explain why its been closed for so many weekends now.

At the moment, there are more questions than there are answers…

  • When will it re-open?
  • Is the entire place going to be remodeled, or will there simply be a new balcony added?
  • Will we still hear Mauro sing the YMCA every night?
  • What’s happening with the prices? Lower? Higher?
  • Will they resume their fantastic happy hours?
  • Will the service remain as great as before?
So many questions. Of course it will be our duty to investigate this for our loyal readers what will be happening to the Marina’s most exclusive night-time dance-your-behind off spot.
If you have any comments, information, or additional questions you would like us to ask – leave a comment and we’ll do all the investigating for you!
In the meantime, have a great weekend, and don’t forget to send us a few photos – you can upload them onto our Facebook page, or email them to us at: [email protected] . 
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