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RUMOR ALERT – Praia Opening in Casa de Campo

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While it’s been a rumor we’ve been hearing for quite a while, we’ve been hearing it a lot more over these last couple of weeks. If our sources are correct, there is a good possibility that one of Santo Domingo’s hottest clubs will be opening its doors in Casa de Campo in the next few months.

Now, should this rumor turn out to be true, where would be they open?  Altos de Chavon?  Casa de Campo Marina?  The Palapa?  Playa Minitas?  So many option, so many ideas… we can only hope that we are not simply imagining these things.

For those who don’t know Praia, they are the fine folks who put together some of Casa de Campo’s greatest events, including the annual New Years Event at the Casa de Campo Marina Palapa. In Santo Domingo they are also known for their great parties, their ability to attract some of the greatest DJs, and for being able to create ambiances that are fun for an the upscale and discerning party animal.

This would be a great addition for Casa de Campo, giving us residents and visitors additional options for night-time entertainment. Hopefully this will also incentivize everyone to be a little more competitive with their pricing and entertainment options.  Seriously, RD$868.00 for a Patron on the rocks is just a little abusive – you know who you are.   😉

Most importantly, we hope to see this as an attraction for people to come to Casa de Campo and enjoy themselves here on a more regular basis.  Given the safe and carefree environment that is Casa de Campo, who would seriously want to stay in Santo Domingo for the weekend anyways?  La vida es demasiado buena en el campo!

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