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RUMOR ALERT: La Casita Altos de Chavon?

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We’ve just caught wind of a rumor circling our local internets, there may be a new dining option opening in Altos de Chavon. As always, any restaurant that serves good food, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in Casa de Campo is always welcome.  While we are not privy to many details, here is what we have found out thus far:

Haute Kitchen, Altos de Chavon

Coming to Altos de Chavon, the most innovative, and impressive addition to the resort’s gastronomical fair. Haute Kitchen brings to the table the enticing dishes from the traditional European “haute cuisine” and kicks it up a couple of notches with the taste bud tickling tropical flavors.

Tropical fruit infused oils, sauces and rubs, renew the classic flavors created by Master Chefs from all over the globe, in a refreshing, creative way.

On the second level, we offer the finest selection of Dominican cigars, an astounding alphabetical array of Martinis, and over one hundred Shooters.

With a mind-blowing view of the Chavon river valley, this is the perfect setting for an out of this world dining experience.

The rumors have also informed us that «Haute Kitchen» may be the latest masterpiece from the folks who brought your the Marina’s (and La Romana’s) «La Casita».  If this ends up being true, reserve a table for us, as we know it will be delicious!

 In any case, we’ll do a little more digging and we’ll keep you posted!

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