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RUMOR ALERT: Feria Andalucia 2009 (more info)

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Whilst still the status of this great event is still «Officially Unconfirmed», we’ve heard rumblings, movements and rumors galore about a 2009 Feria Andalucia taking place in Casa de Campo.

If true, this would be the third consecutive year in a row, marking this officially as a yearly staple of Casa de Campo.  For two consecutive years, the «Gran Feria Andalcuia en el Caribe» has attempted to bring the spirit of the great Andalusian fair from Spain, adapted to the Casa de Campo way of life – both years, the event was officially brought to life by President Leonel Fernandez.

The first year, 2007, the «Feria» took place in Altos de Chavon, behind the Amphitheater, during the «Semana Santa» or Holy week. What an event it was at that – people dressing up and participating in all different ways. Business and pleasure mixed and mingled as everyone enjoyed the music, food and atmosphere that went on until late into the evening.

The second year, 2008, saw the Feria move closer to the Casa de Campo entrance, making it a little easier for outsiders to participate, as the Feria took place right next to the rodeo (near the equestrian center). The location was a tremendous improvement, the layout of the fair had evolved as well, with many additional businesses and individuals participating. The date was also moved to the last week of February, marking a significant difference in attendance.  2008 also marked an important alliance with FUNGLODE, whom participated by hosting an exclusive Economic Forum, acting as a mini-think tank. As a result of the huge improvements, the 2008 Feria is one which everyone is still talking about!

If the rumors are to be believed, and we see little reason not too, we can imagine that it will be even bigger and better than ever!  Naturally, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and up-to-date on everything that is going on, as this rumor develops!
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