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Note: If you’re not passionate about food, you can skip this article as its a rumor alert about a restaurant.

(Pictured above: Parmasean Foam Cheesecake with pearls of Lime. Photo Credit: FotoosVanRobin)

This is a tough one to believe for me personally, but as a foodie, I am thrilled to hear that the restaurant considered by many to be the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD [wikipedia link] might be coming to not only the Dominican Republic, but just around the corner in Bayahibe.

This rumor, which seems to have been ‘confirmed‘ by the Diario Libre [link] just seems too sweet to swallow (pun intended). The Diario Libre goes on to say that the Central Romana Corporation and Casa de Campo are also involved in the project. Could this be true? Might this be part of the secret formula for Casa de Campo East?! Please let it be so!

We have no confirmation, other than the article, but this would be absolutely amazing news for not only Bayahibe / Casa de Campo villa owners and residents but for the entire Dominican Republic… and me!

Though we do not want to raise our hopes too much given that renowned Chef Ferran Adrià has announced he will be closing El Bulli at the end of this season [link] – but if there is a chance that this is true we cannot sufficiently express our desire to make a reservation right away!