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Prof. Gustavo Bruschi, a world-famous chiropractor is currently offering treatment sessions in the Cygalle Healing Spa, starting from today the 21st of December all through the holiday season.

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so if your back has been giving you pain – now’s the time to give yourself a present and sort it out!

To make an appointment just call the Cygalle Healing Spa, EXT: 8529/5665

The following information was provided by Prof. Gustavo Bruschi:


The convention established between Cygalle Healing Spa at Casa De Campo and Prof. Gustavo Bruschi is proposed again this year by entering the helpdesk at Posturology, chiropractic and rehabilitation kinesiology. 

A newly proposed service based on the significant results achieved during the summer, which led to the resolution of numerous pathologies such as arthrosis painful cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sciatica, headaches, muscle tensive, discopathy and many diseases of the skeletal muscle , with particular reference to the spine, which afflicts a large percentage of people. 

A recent study conducted by U.S. researchers RCS (Research & Clinical Science) has shown that people who follow a constant chiropractic care, psycho-physical well-being benefits higher than 20% over the average popolacion not has assisted in this discipline. 

Chiropractic, the Greek Kheir, praktikos hand, practice is the discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, ie, diseases of the spine. 

Through chiropractic manipulation can restore completely naturally and painlessly correct spinal alignment. Thus, it relieves pressure on the spine and spinal nerves by avoiding the inflammation process. 

The chiropractic intervention also includes advice on lifestyle, correcting eating habits and exercise rehabilitation and physiotherapy, so that the body can heal itself naturally so. 

What are the main causes of back pain? 
The simple everyday physical activity, the incorrect position that was kept in the office or in the car, sporting activity without adequate preparation, accidents and traumas of various origins can cause what is commonly called “painful back.” 

The bad back and other afflictions may disappear for ever exercised Chiropractic manipulation with non-aggressive, which tends to re-position posture, who for various reasons may have changed.

Brief biography of Prof. Bruschi

Professor Gustavo Bruschi played in Porto Cervo since 1985, as quinesiólogo, posturologo and chiropractor, specializes in physical-motor rehabilitation, active and passive, of the spine. He holds rehabilitation centers in Ferrara, Milan, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. 

From the year 2000 begins to apply a global postural rehabilitation technique, a fact which, with movements only the results did not keep chiropractors in time this way, Professor Paolo Bruschi has perfected a technique of postural examination in order, above all, to individuate the causes of unrest thus allowing you to speak with a technique of manipulation and manipulative that tends to restore the previous balance of pain. The successive step of this technique is the application of a work plan consistent with the goal of recreating the musculo-skeletal balance to maintain results over time, indicating the patient also what were the causes that discomfort , inviting him well, to keep those acknowledgments of position and power to help you have the time, the certainty of an optimal health status. 

Professor Bruschi has conducted seminars on the prestigious golf and chiropractic, during which he has revealed significant postural faults in technique golfers, perfecting some techniques that tend to limit the stress on the body parts used in this sport. This research not only has to prevent possible damage, but also can enhance the swing, as it increases the mobility of the neck, shoulders and spine, often with immediate results. The proper balance of mobility, therefore, in addition to physical, can graduate and make better moves in this way, for example, that the golf ball reaches the point displayed, underside of deviating away. 

The global postural rehabilitation technique adopted by Professor Gustavo Bruschi has proved successful to assess, inform, treat and train not only golfers but also any person athlete or not.