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POLL RESULTS – What restaurant has the best value to quality ratio?

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Its a TIE!!   In another one of Casa de Campo Living’s ultra-unscientific polls we present to you, our loyal readers, the results of:  What restaurant has the best value to quality ratio?  For this poll, we decided to venture a little out of the box, or compound rather, and include two restaurants which are known to all villa owners as being good and inexpensive.

After several days of open voting, the results are in… and it looks like we have a tie, between The (new) Kitchen at Papa Jacks and (old faithful) Lucas.

  • 33% – The Kitchen at Papa Jacks
  • 33% – Lucas
  • 13% – Il Botti
  • 6% – Beach Club by Le Cirque
  • 6% – Limoncello
  • 6% – Onno’s Tappas Bar

I’m a little surprised by the results, and we apologize for not having included Naked Fish, which is one of the best places to get a good, consistent, burger in Casa de Campo. Sorry!  It was not intentional!

As for the winners, The Kitchen at Papa Jacks and Lucas, we’ve been to both and there is a lot in common between the two, as well as a few distinct differences. To start, both places offer casual dinning experience at very reasonable prices. Unlike many restaurants, their prices have remained the same for quite a while – though The Kitchen at Papa Jacks has not been around as long.

The differences are quite not too stark, other than the menues, which is good as this provides us with ample opportunity for varying our choices. For one, The Kitchen at Papa Jacks (KPJ) is in Altos de Chavon, while Lucas is in Buena Vista. KPJ has a fantastic and creative menu that changes weekly. Lucas has the same good and reliable Italian cuisine every day. Lucas wins on the service aspect, though KPJ simply feels as if they try harder. KPJ can help satisfy your cravings – just ask if there is something specific you want, if the chef has the ingredients, he’ll usually be happy to prepare it for you.

If you would like to add your own two cents, please do so on the comments!  In any case, next time you go to either place – tell them you read about them in Casa de Campo Living!  😀

In all fairness these results are based on a very small sample size and are intended to be more fun and informative than accurate, though we still believe there to be some truth in the results. If you did not vote on this poll, we hope you will on our next one.

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