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Papa Jack’s Disco – remodelled!

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papa jacks, altos de chavon, casa de campo livng

Papa Jack’s upstairs dance club (discoteque) – Papa Jack’s Disco was recently remodeled after being closed for two weeks.

The area was made more comfortable by moving several walls and opening some spaces and the bar was moved to a new area to provide for a larger dance area in front of the DJ station.papa jacks, altos de chavon, casa de campo living

The disco which was originally lime green was repainted a grey-blue and the lighting scheme was changed blue to match. New lights were also added giving the dance floor great new effects.

Several new couches and tables for champagne buckets were added. The DJ station was also modified.

papa jacks, altos de chavon, casa de campo living

Outside on the terrace a new door was added for a new bathroom access and a small service bar was put outside to help on those long weekends when the bar gets crowded.

As always Papa Jack’s bar and disco remains the top night spot for Casa de Campo’s late night crowd.

Article contributed by David Black, owner of Papa Jack’s bar – Thank you David!

Have you been to Papa Jack’s recently? What do you think of the new look? Leave a comment below.

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