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This week’s adorably funny photo was sent to us by Emanuela Giovannetti, who took the photo is Casa de Campo.

At first glance the photo doesn’t appear to show anything out of the ordinary, an old man taking a nap – not such an unusual sight, but on closer inspection you can see that he is sitting in a wheelbarrow! The way in which this creative man has arranged the wheelbarrow, complete with cardboard padding actually makes it look rather comfortable and like he may use the wheelbarrow more for sleeping than for working!

This is what Emanuela had to say about the photo:

Un obrero de un villa en construcción durante su siesta, me inspiro un nuevo modelo de CHAISE LONG para exterior!

A construction worker during his siesta, it inspired me to design a new model of chaise long for outside!

Many thanks to Emanuela for sending us this great photo!
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