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The month of August is inevitable rather wet in Casa de Campo, La Romana and in fact the entire of the Dominican Republic and so at this time of year we get to see a variety of weird and wonderful Dominican inventions for keeping dry – in this photo we can see an ‘Umbrella-Bike.’

The above photo was taken in La Romana town by Jenna McGuire, the music teacher at the Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana, La Romana during ‘Tropical Storm Emily’ which passed through on the 3rd and 4th of August.

When I first saw this photo I thought “ha ha ha that man is holding an umbrella whilst driving his bike” and then I thought “but how is he actually holding the umbrella?”
Having had some experience driving a Pasola (moped / girl’s version of a motorbike), I know that driving bikes is first of all not easy and second of all almost impossible with one hand (I tried to make a phone call once – not pretty and not successful), which brought me to the conclusion that he must have somehow manufactured a way of fastening the umbrella onto the handlebars – genius!

Yet another great example of things that happen ‘Only in the Dominican Republic’ and of Dominican ingenuity!

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