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Only in the DR: Classy Chicken?!

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classy roast chicken

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in want of a good classy roast chicken is unlikely to look for one at the corner of the road in Santo Domingo – which would be a great shame because LOOK the place in this week’s photo sells just that ‘Pollo horneado….con clase.’ The fact that the ‘booth’ doesn’t actually have an oven or any other cooking apparatus does not stop this chicken from being classy!

I imagine by now you may have picked up on my sarcastic tone, it’s not that I’m a ‘hater’ or an ‘unbeliever’ it’s just that well ‘Servi-Pollo’ (very classy name) does not strike me as being an overly high-end joint – maybe its the location that’s putting me off? Sandwiched in between a stop sign and an ‘Auto Aire’ workshop, just doesn’t scream class to me.

Then again it does sell croquetas …. so, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge!

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