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Only in the DR: Big fish will travel!

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This week’s photo was sent to us from Pilar Rosario, manager of the Casa de Campo Cygalle Healing Spa.Pilar tells us she managed to snap this great photo somewhere out and about in La Romana.

It’s not unusual to see 3, or even 4 people on a motorbike or pasola or even carrying around vast quantities of cargo – but never before have a seen such a big fish in transit! That fish must be at least a metre long and must weigh a lot – I once went on a fishing trip and we caught a fish that looked very similar, it was so heavy I couldn’t lift it at all (which turned out to be a bonus, because it was all slimey!)

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Do you have any funny photos of people carrying unusual objects on motorbikes? Do you have any photos of anything funny/mystifying that you only see her in the DR?
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