As part of the Noche Dominicana, which was held on Tuesday the 20th of April, we organised a costume contest – just for fun and of course with prizes for the winners! I don’t think there was much doubt in anyone’s mind about who the winners of the contest were, but here goes nothing – the winner’s of the costume contest were:

Erika Villain, Sandra Alvarado and Alexis Surelys Medina

Here is a photo of the lovely ladies dressed up and looking just gorgeous in real Central Romana sugar bags:

The costumes designed especially for the Noche Dominicana by Erika herself and made with the actual sugar bags they use to put the sugar in in the Central Romana factory, in Central Romana – god knows how Erika managed to get hold of them! The beautiful sugar-bag dresses are stylishly finished with red ribbon and accessorised with real sugar cane  – stunning ladies! As winners of the Noche Dominicana costume contest the ladies will each win a voucher for the Cygalle Healing Spa water ritual room – a haven of relaxation in the centre of Casa de Campo with sauna, steam room, hot and cold water plunge pools and showers for 2 (ohhh sexy.) Runner-up prizes are being awarded to:

Fabiana Vilani and Valeria Alonzo Proaño

Two totally adorable little Dominicanitas!

Our other runner up is:

Tea Rosati

A Dominicanita with real attitude! WOW!

As winners of our runner-up prize the girls win a RD$500 voucher for LOKEKEDA consignment store in La Romana. LOKEKEDA is owned and ran by Emanuela Giovannetti, one of Casa de Campo Living’s biggest fans, LOKEKEDA sells everything from furniture to clothes, bags to toys – I hope the girls find something nice to buy!

Here are a selection of the other costumes on show that night:

Patricia Proaño and Ivonna Sosa, Patty we LOVE the eyeshadow and kudos to Ivonna for wearing her daughter’s Dominican outfit – now that’s commitment!

Fatima Renedo Peral with Emanuela Giovanetti

The Olivo Family – all color co-ordinated!

THANK YOU to everyone who came and a BIGGER thank you to everyone who dressed up!

Here are a few more photos of the event: