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NEW teachers of the Abraham Lincoln School enjoy a night at La Caña

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The new teachers of the Abraham Lincoln School are here! The 10 new teachers arrived into La Romana on Wednesday evening and on Thursday evening, the 26th of August were out celebrating and enjoying the beautiful Casa de Campo hotel at the La Caña restaurant and lounge by Il Circo.

On what appeared to be an impromptu school trip, the new teachers, joined by a number of the ‘old’ teachers arrived at the La Caña Restaurant and Lounge by Il Circo, just in time to see the ‘Kandelita!’ show – which turned out to be a perfect way to welcome them to the Dominican Republic and to give them a taste of the vibrant Dominican culture, music, dancing and of course merengue! The ‘Kandelita!‘ show is a mini version of the musical and dancing extravaganza, Kandela! which takes place every high season in the Altos de Chavón amphitheatre. Unfortunately, the dancers were just too lively during the show for me to take any good photos, so I will be publishing photos of the show from Casa de Campo’s official photographer soon!

The teachers, along with headmaster, Harry Magee and his wife, Lilian were more than happy to join in the show, dancing merengue with the dancers and posing for photos for me! After the show the teachers enjoyed the elegant pool-side ambience and typical Dominican music with the Dekadas Quartet, who from now, will be playing at La Caña every Friday and Saturday from 10PM-Midnight.

Casa de Campo pool transformed into a beautiful  pool-side bar/lounge la_caña_restaurant_lounge_il_circo

Whilst at La Caña I had the chance to meet the new teachers, who were all very nice, excited to be here, to explore Casa de Campo, meet the pupils of their new school and to start a new life under the Carribbean sun!  Once the new teachers have had chance to settle in, I will be sure to publish a little more information about them, as I know everyone is dying to meet them!

For now here are my photos of the evening with the teachers at La Caña Restaurant and Lounge by Il Circo. Not all of the new teachers are in the photos, some were not at La Caña and so still remain a mystery to us!

La Caña comes back to life with live music and dancing!

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