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This week’s movies are in.  Just to clarify, despite what the flyer says, there is no 3D at the movies…. sigh.

  • Alice in Wonderland [view trailer • read review]
    • Weekdays @ 7:05pm & 9:25pm
    • Weekends & Holidays @ 4:45pm, 7:05pm & 9:25pm
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief [view trailer • read review]
    • Weekdays @ 6:40pm & 9:10pm
    • Weekends & Holidays @ 4:10pm, 6:40pm & 9:10pm
  • How to Train Your Dragon [view trailer • read review]
    • Weekdays @ 5:55pm & 9:00pm
    • Weekends & Holidays @ 4:45pm, 5:55pm & 9:00pm

REMEMBER! While most movies are presented in English with Spanish sub-titles, never forget to double check the language when purchasing your tickets!

Feeling Critical? Have an opinion on any of the above movies? Leave your comments or movie reviews below – just please be sure not spoil the movies!