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So I went to see «the Hulk» at Caribbean Cinemas (located at the Coconut Mall at the Casa de Campo Marina), and I have to admit, its among my favorite movie going experiences. Though no place is perfect, here are the pro’s and con’s of arguably one of my favorite movie theaters. 


  1. Recent Flix – We had Iron Man on the opening day. In fact, we get them here before they hit most of the country. This is total awesomeness.
  2. No lines – I love the fact that you can show up five minutes after the movie has officially begun and still catch half of the credits. 
  3. Leather seats – I’m not sure this is real leather, but its close enough. They recline and feel nice. 
  4. Stadium seating – You’ve got a great view of the screen from everywhere. 
  5. Three screens – Three screens means we have some options in what to watch.
  1. Cash Only –  I know there is an ATM nearby, but still.
  2. No beer / booze – Come on… where not in Kansas anymore Dorothy, a nice beer with a movie makes the experience even better.
  3. No Matinees – Ok, from a business perspective I get it. From a client perspective, I miss my matinees.
  4. Three movies only – I know, I know not enough people to justify it, but this means that the movies rotate so quickly that you always feel like you need to rush to the movies so you don’t miss the latest flick.
Regardless of anything, I’m happier with the Caribbean Cinemas than I was without.  The experience is as good as any you could have in Santo Domingo, Miami or New York. The prices are reasonable (RD$200.00 / US$6.00) and the movies are fresh. So all in all, welcome to the neighborhood! 
Movie times are typically at around 6:30pm and 9:30pm, though for the latest times, you’ll find a link to the latest movies on our links bar, or you can bookmark the following:
UPDATE:  They do in fact have matinees, at 4pm (ish), but only on weekends and holidays.
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