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Emilio Robba, international designer and sculptor, who recently opened the Altos de Chavon art studios, has just launched ‘the Cattleya Orchid collection.’ Emilio Robba counts many Casa de Campo villa owners as some of his most loyal clients. With the majestic beauty of one of Robba’s floral pieces the perfect compliment to any villa, its no surprise that among Casa de Campo villa owners an ‘Emilio Robba’ (or many) is considered a ‘must have!’


The Cattleya Orchid Collection, inspired by non-other than the Cattleya Orchid is a wonderful addition to Robba’s already varied and inspirational collections.

Desperate to add to (or start) your Emilio Robba collection? You can visit his stores in the Casa de Campo Marina or his newest store; the Altos de Chavon art studios, in Altos de Chavon. And once you’ve satisfied your Emilio craving, if you feel like your villa is still missing something – have you considered a new scent? Scenting your villa may well be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been looking for, air-aromas provide unique, innovative and beautiful ways to enhance the atmosphere of your home. To find out more visit their website and click here to read our article!

Need to know more about the new collection? The next few paragraphs are ALL about the Cattleya Orchid collection, enjoy!

“The Sculptor of Flowers”, Emilio Robba was inspired by the Cattleya orchid to create his third collection for legendary Parisian glassmaker Daum, known for multicolored pâte de verre. The size of its petals and wealth of its colors make the Cattleya nature’s most glamorous flower.  First discovered by chance in 1818 and baptized Cattleya, this orchid was dear to the heart of Marcel Proust who made it famous in his novel Swann’s Way and turned it into a metaphor for romantic passion, seduction and mystery.

Visually stunning in a spectacular splay of color the Cattleya orchid appears to emerge from the folds of the sculpted crystal. Each Emilio Robba creation is produced in a limited edition of 388 pieces. The Glamour collection from Daum reveals an intimate side of Emilio Robba who masterfully embraces and transforms the complexities and delicacies of nature and beauty. “This one orchid bloom may just turn a chance meeting into a classic love affair.” said Robba. Art is the ultimate luxury and love is its most beautiful expression.

Emilio Robba designs like an architect, sketching for inspiration and sculpting with clay and plaster to build his works around regular and irregular structures until the most important aspect of nature is revealed: its purity and magic. Through craftsmanship and artistic vision Emilio Robba ensures that each piece of his collection is a finished work of art. Yet as floral master he creates beautiful vases that can easily be embellished with just a few stems in the most flattering way.

The famous house of Daum, founded in 1878, is one of the three leading French crystal manufacturers along with Lalique and Baccarat.  Daum has a tradition of forged links and associations with the most brilliant creators.  The brands unique mastery of pâte-de-verre has made Daum a legend, currently renowned on all five continents for its collections of decorative sculpture, jewelry and its art edition. It is a great honor for Emilio Robba to continue the lineage of previous Daum artists that include Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and George Braque.