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The last night of the long weekend, this Sunday the 8th of November was a night to remember – with literally hundreds and hundreds of Casa de Campo residents, villa owners and weekend visitors (and their kids) streaming up the pier in the Marina Casa de Campo to the Victory Club.

I have never seen Victory bar so packed – and even after all the kids were turned away (what a relief)! This Sunday AMIKA did not disappoint!

The evening named ‘Sail Away’ was brought to us by AMIKA and organized by Garcias Productions – who did a fantastic job setting up the inside, outside and deck areas to create the perfect party ambiance, and with more than enough bar staff to meet even the most demanding drinker’s needs – there was nothing to do except have a great time!

The undisputed highlight, for me anyway, was the electronic saxophonist who played around 1 a.m. with the DJ, a unique and fascinating performance, nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before, but funky and strangely hypnotic – very cool to dance to!

In their promotional video AMIKA promised to keep the party going ‘til’ sunrise’ and as we left at 4 a.m, with the party still raging behind us – I’m sure it did!

What a night! If you have anything to say about the party, please feel free to leave a comment below, or if you’ve got some photos of your own you would like to share with us and your Casa de Campo Living readers, email them to

Unfortunately due to a major computer meltdown yesterday, the MAJORITY of my photos have gone into hiding, apparently they are retrievable, it’s just going to take some time to get them back!  That means ALL my photos from Saturday night – from Onno’s bar, Papajacks and Genesis at Praia, as well as most of my photos from this event, will be delayed until the magnificent computer men can get them back!

Here is all that I have from this event:

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