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If you live in Casa de Campo, or visit frequently, you’ve probably heard of this little show they have going in Altos de Chavon, called Kandela (  It’s a musical variety show, that was created around 2002 and is one heck of a show.  While it’s true that the show is aimed at the large crowds that come from the cruise ships and the occasional all-inclusive resorts, the show its self is no less impressive.

Kandela! is an hour long, taking the audience on a musical tour of different high-energy dances, with exceptional choreography and impressive costumes.  I’ve seen this show no less than  10 times and I’ll gladly recommend it to anyone who has never seen it.  Casa de Campo has worked hard to create, maintain and improve the show over the years –  and it shows!  The dancing, singing, moving and shaking is impressive – I’m talking international levels of impressive, not a “lets put on a cheap little show for the masses” impressive.  The show is so impressive in fact that a Sheik, whose privacy will be respected, rented out the entire amphitheater to watch Kandela! with just twenty of his friends.


I remember once going to an all inclusive hotel, where they put on a show. The show had dancers who had no business putting on tight tights, no business dancing around on stage and no business dancing anywhere impressionable little children were present. Luckily, Kandela! is no such show – Kandela! is truly is an impressive, profesional, performance.

So back to my point… GO WATCH THE SHOW!  It’s only on util April,  and will start again next December, but its something that if you spend any reasonable amount of time living in Casa de Campo, you should really be ashamed for not having seen it.  Even better – its something fun to share with guests visiting from abroad or even from Santo Domingo, as I’ll bet many of them have not seen it either. Who knows, you might even kick yourself for not have gone to watch it earlier.

Depending on whether you like to dine early or late, Kandela! is a great way to start an evening out, or a fun activity after enjoying a fine meal at La Piazzetta or Sangria.

Tickets are only US$35.00 at the door and well worth the price of admission. For show times, please see our interactive calendar on the side bar to the right.  ——>

In the spirit of getting a few more Casa Residents to head up and check out the show – we (Casa de Campo Living and the Casa de Campo Amphithearte) will be giving away 8 free tickets, two per person, to the show to the first 4 Casa de Campo Residents to comment on this blog and let us know why they want to see the show!  Winners will be emailed – so naturally, anonymous entries will not count.

UPDATE:  It has been brought to our attention that a 25% discount is in fact available for villa owners purchasing tickets via the Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club.